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Alzheimer's Research Benefit



  • All fees must be paid at the show office prior to making your run.

  • NO early arrivals prior to Friday at noon. No exceptions.

  • No refunds after pre entry deadline for any reason.

  • By entering you agree to abide by and follow all rules and are responsible for any horse you bring to this event and will be considered an agent for such horse.

  • Horse/Rider substitutions are allowed - See changes/selling spots section below

  • We reserve the right to refuse any entry for any reason. Arrow Productions has the final say on all rulings.


Dress Code:

Long Sleeve shirt and western boots required. Hat/helmet optional.

Slot Race contestants are required to wear hat/helmet, long sleeve shirt and boots.


Competition Rules:

Contestants will receive a no time for knocking over a barrel or breaking the pattern.

Rerun will be given to those horses that ran with a barrel off set on the marker or in case the timer fails. Rerun will be ran at the end of class. All reruns will be the decisions of the Show manager.

We will drag after every 5 riders, with a big drag every 50 riders.

A horse may enter each race only once.

The three call rule will be used and enforced. If you are not at the gate after your name has been called three times you will be disqualified.

The next 25 riders may be in the warmup arena prior to your run. We will have a holding pen for the next 5 horses. Please do not untack while in the warmup arena. No letting horses roll, or lounging horses in warmup arena during barrel race – this will result in a disqualification.

No running out of draw order. No switching of draw positions. Horse must run in positions drawn or will be disqualified.

Any excessive whipping, jerking or tuning in the competition arena or warmup arena will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued to leave the arena if not followed by a $50 fine.

Please maintain forward motion throughout your run.

No ponying horses in warmup sessions allowed.

Exhibitions will be 60 seconds, 1 trip through.


Late Entries:

Late entries are accepted with a $10 fee – whether you are entering for one day or all 3 days.

Late entries close at draw #50 of each Open class. (If pre-entry count is greater than 150 runs, late draw will close at Draw #100)

Adding classes or adding additional horses post pre-entry deadline to your pre-entry form will not be charged a late fee, but will be in the late draws.


Changes – Selling Spots:

Riders are allowed to sell their pre-entry spots if needed for a $10 fee – donated to R2R – All changes MUST be complete by 5pm Friday for Friday Open, 10am Saturday for both Saturday opens, and 8pm Saturday evening for Sunday opens. Please come to the office to make your changes.


Grounds Rules:

All overnight horses must have a stall. One horse per stall. No pens allowed.

Daily Tie-Out/Jump-Out fees will apply - $15/per horse per day. (Max $45/day per trailer)

All bedding must be purchased through Double F Arena. No outside shavings or straw allowed. $30 fine.

All Dogs MUST be on a leash or you will be disqualified.


PLEASE pick up after yourselves, around your trailer, and near your stalls. Show respect for the Facility!


Returned Checks:

A $25 return check fee plus bank fees will be charged on all returned checks.


Sponsors and Vendors:

Vendor Space is available - $150 fee payable to Race to Remember

Sponsors and donations are ALWAYS welcome – email to receive a Sponsorship proposal.

Arrow Productions, Race to Remember, Sponsors, and Double F Arena are not responsible for any, injury, accidents,

loss or theft that may occur to You, Your horse or your property while attending this event either as a spectator or contestant.

Every contestant will be required to sign a waiver form before you enter the arena at our event.

We DO NOT have Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on site during this event.

Classes, Payouts and Divisions:

Payback is 75% entry fees and 100% of added money.

Pledge race payback is 50% of entry fees and 100% of added money. 50% of every entry will go directly to benefit.


Peewee Classes

100% Payback each day

Weekend Average awards to Champion and Reserve Champion from Saturday and Sunday


Friday and Sunday Opens

4D format – ½, ½, ½

Tipped barrel results in a No Time


Lucky 7 Saturday Open

5D format – ½, ½, ½, ½

Tipped barrel results in a No Time

Carryovers into Pledge Race are allowed but MUST be communicated back to the office prior to class start time

This is a BONUS RACE QUIALIFIER – 7 BRQ’s in each Division (35 total) will be given out regardless of the number of entries

Trophy Buckle to the 7th Fastest time overall

Awards to top 7 each division (35 total)

Bonus Qualifier and Free stall at 2018 Bonus Race World Finals to 1st person to run any time ending in .777


Pledge Race

4D format – ½, ½, ½

Tipped barrel results in a No Time

Consolation Round Option – For riders who received a No Time during their run in the Pledge race, you are allowed to pay a $15 donation fee to make a second run to count in results. This must be communicated back to Show Office prior to final horse runs in the actual class.


Age Bracket Sidepot

3D format – full second splits

Every Open class entry (Friday, Saturday Pledge, and Sunday) will be automatically placed into their age bracket for separate payout. $10 of every entry fee is paid out (75% payback) within each age group.

Ages as of Jan 1st:

Youth Bracket – 17 and under

Adult Bracket – 19-49

Senior Bracket – 50 and older

Weekend Average CASH BONUS to each Division winner of each Age Bracket for those that enter all 3 days


All Runs Count Sidepot

4D format – ½, ½, ½

Entrants pay a one-time fee to count all runs made (Friday Open, Saturday Pledge, and Sunday Open) into one large payout.

This is not an average. Riders have 3 chances with the same horse to place in one payout


Super Slot Race

2D format, ½ second splits

3 Go Rounds (20 Entries each round) to be held Friday, Nov. 3rd

Pay each division each go round – top 3 each Division advance to Finals

Finals will be ran Saturday, Nov. 4th – Top 4 each D will be paid out

Entrants must also be entered in Saturday’s pledge race – carryovers are allowed but MUST be communicated back to the office prior to run

Horse/Rider Changes accepted until Friday at 5pm Nov. 3rd – subject to a $25 change fee

Owner is responsible for selling their spot – No refunds – we will assist with a Waiting List