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Arrow Productions Rules

Please read through carefully, and also review Event specific rules below

General Rules

  • All fees must be paid at the show office prior to making your run

  • No refunds after entry is received – no exceptions

  • By entering you agree to abide by and follow all rules and are responsible for any horse you bring to this event and will be considered an agent for such horse

  • All checks awarded out from the event must be cashed or deposited within 30 days of the event or winnings will be forfeited

  • W9 must be on file for current year to receive ANY winnings from Arrow Productions

  • We reserve the right to refuse any entry for any reason. Arrow Productions has the final say on all rulings

  • Dress code is optional – not enforced

  • Entries accepted until last horse runs in each class – will be put into late draw – Excludes Futurity/Derby classes (see Late Entries section)


Competition Rules

  • Contestants will receive a No Time for knocking a barrel or breaking the pattern

  • Rerun will be given to those horses that ran with a barrel off set on the marker or in case the timer fails. Rerun will be ran at the end of the class

  • We will drag after every 5 riders, with a big drag every 50 riders

  • A horse may enter each class only once

  • The three call rule will be used and enforced. If you are not at the gate after your name has been called three times you will be disqualified.

  • The next 10 riders may be in the warmup area prior to your run

  • No running out of draw order. No switching of draw positions.

  • Any excessive whipping, jerking or tuning in the competition arena or warmup area will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued to leave the arena if not followed a $50 fine will be enforced

  • Maintain forward motion throughout your run.

  • Circling is allowed prior to your run.

  • Contestant can only circle a barrel ONCE during their competition run – if an off-pattern occurs rider cannot “school” or go through the pattern again - $50 FINE will occur – this will be enforced to keep the Ground conditions fair for each rider. (New Jan 2021)


Late Entries

  • Late entries are accepted with a fee – whether you are entering for one day or all 3 days.

  • You can enter up until the Last Horse Runs in that Class – PLEASE try to not wait until last minute to enter.

  • Late entries for the futurity and derby races are accepted until 6pm Friday prior to the 1st go. Late fees will apply. All late entries MUST have copy of registration papers for Arrow Productions to have on file.

  • Adding classes or adding additional horses post pre-entry deadline to your pre-entry form will not be charged a late fee, but will be in the late draws.


Changes – Selling Spots

  • Riders are allowed to make changes or sell their pre-entry spots if needed for a $5 change fee per class entry – All changes must be done with a Change Form in the Show office at the posted times below. Please come to the office to make your changes. No changes will be accepted after the deadline.

    • FRIDAY Changes – Done by 5pm

    • SATURDAY Changes – Done by 10am

    • SUNDAY Changes – Done by Saturday at 8pm. No changes will be accepted on Sunday.

  • Futurity and derby/maturity rider and/or horse changes are due 6pm Friday prior to the 1st go. Change fee of $25 will be charged. Horse changes MUST have copy of registration papers for Arrow Productions to have on file


Returned Checks - 1 $30 return check fee plus bank fees will be charged on all returned checks

Sponsors & Vendors - sponsors have first rights to promote, advertise, and sell their products and services through our events. Vendor space is limited to sponsors of our events - outside vendors must be pre-approved to setup at our events


  • All races are 75% payback unless specifically noted on entry form

  • All sidepot classes are 80% payback unless specifically noted on entry form

  • Added money is paid out 100%

  • Arrow events follow BBR payout scale - see below charts for payback by number of entries and % paid

2D payout scale:

1-10 entries - 1 place

11-20 entries - 2 places

21-30 entries - 3 places

31-40 entries - 4 places

41-50 entries - 5 places

51-60 entries - 6 places

61-80 entries - 8 places

81-100 entries - 10 places

101+ entries - 12 places

3D payout scale:

1-15 entries - 1 place

16-30 entries - 2 places

31-60 entries - 3 places

61-90 entries - 4 places

91-120 entries - 5 places

121-150 entries - 6 places

151-180 entries - 8 places

181-210 entries - 10 places

211+ entries - 12 places

4D payout scale:

1-16 entries - 1 place

17-33 entries - 2 places

34-66 entries - 3 places

67-95 entries - 4 places

96-133 entries - 5 places

134-166 entries - 6 places

167-222 entries - 8 places

223-333 entries - 10 places

334+ entries - 12 places

5D payout scale:

1-25 entries - 1 place

26-50 entries - 2 places

51-100 entries - 3 places

101-143 entries - 4 places

144-200 entries - 5 places

201-250 entries - 6 places

251-333 entries - 8 places

334-500 entries - 10 places

501+ entries - 12 places


Failure to follow any of the rules will result in a Disqualification, No Refunds, and Potential Ban from any future Arrow Produced events


Arrow Productions, Hadley Murphy, Sponsors, and facility are not responsible for any, injury, accidents, loss or theft that may occur to You, Your horse or your property while attending this event either as a spectator or contestant. Every contestant will be required to sign a waiver form before you enter the arena at an event. We DO NOT have Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on site during this event.

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